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An Adventure Begins...
Complete the party and secure passage to Targos.

Pip and Chubbs found themselves at the docks of Neverwinter where the buzz of the town was Lord Neverember's summons for mercenaries and adventurers. Lord Neverember wished to send reinforcements to the besieged town of Targos in Icewind Dale.

Pip and Chubbs both acquired an edition of Dwarven News Daily for more details on the battle for Targos. It's reported that an army of goblins has laid siege to the town. The only way into Targos is through the port. While it took some convincing by the hawker, Chubbs eventually succumbed to his own wanderlust. He entered the tavern to find out more.

Tap & Tackle (Dockside Tavern)

Entering the tavern, Pip and Chubbs found an unruly crowd of sailors and mercenaries. A brawl was taking place in the corner of the room. Sailors bet on the outcome of fights and games of chance. Bloodied and bruised patrons sit around watching, indicating this is some kind of organized sporting event in town.

Pip's Fight

Pip put up 5 gold pieces to participate which pitted himself against the largest available opponent. Unfortunately, he was knocked out in a loss.

Enter: Olaf "Ollie" Meadminder

A jovial dwarf is sitting on a table watching the fight and taking deep swigs from a large tankard of some kind.

A curious dwarf stabilized Pip and introduced himself as Olaf "Ollie" Meadminder, of the clan Meadminders. Pip and Ollie drank to their new friendship. Ollie suggested Pip look for Captain Longear to secure passage to Targos.

Speaking with Captain Longear, Pip was informed that they need a full crew of five to sail Longear's sloop, the Tradewinds.

Meanwhile at the bar…

Chubbs tried unsuccessfully to put some moves on the solitary female warrior at the end of the bar.

Enter: Amiri the Wolf

At the bar a hulking woman carries a giant sword on her back. Other patrons appear to be giving her a wide berth due to her fierce presence, wolf furs, and weapon.

Chub's Fight

While he left Amiri to her drink, Chubbs wandered over to the gambling and brawling sailors at the corner. Invited to a game of dice, Chubbs suspected foul play, and found the dice to be loaded. A fist fight ensued, toe-to-toe Chubbs stood his own, but it wasn't enough. Instead of landing a knockout punch, the sailor's fist smashed into the broad side of Amiri's greatsword in a sickening crunch. Amiri just saved Chubbs and shattered the poor sailor's fist.

A New Crew

Entering the tavern again, Pip and Ollie witness Chubb's fight. Wishing to remove themselves from any more trouble, they recruited Chubbs and Amiri.

Readying the Ship

Captain Longear eventually took on Pip, Chubbs, Ollie, and Amiri as his new crew. After taking a short rest and readying the ship to depart, the adventurers found themselves face to face with the brawling sailors from the Tap and Tackle.

Fight at the Tradewinds

The party killed the tavern bullies in a ruthless battle. One henchman escaped to call the Neverwinter guard. As more guards entered the scene, Chubbs and team struggled between getting to safety and searching their fallen opponents for loot. Despite their intentions, the party is a crew of fugitives; wanted for murder outside the Tap and Tackle.

A Swift Escape

Managing to shove off before the guard arrived, the party set sail to Targos.

Party Rewards

  • 10 downtime days
  • Gold + equipment taken from opponents valued at approximately 32 gp
  • Level up!
Sailing into Targos

The voyage by sea was uneventful, but as the Tradewinds enters rounds the entrance to Targos' harbor the party sees something isn't right…

Approaching the Harbor

Perception Check (Rolling 20, Success by Chubbs)

  • 1-10: You smell smoke, and by the look of the dockside some fires must still be burning.
  • 11-14: From the smell it's wood burning and a pungent stink from oil or tar, too. The smoky haze lights up a yellow-orange from time to time as wind fans the flames.
  • 15-19: But it's not buildings on fire. Crates of cargo burn on the piers and husks of ships smolder having sunk and settled on the harbor's bottom. Smaller vessels are adrift in the harbor; unmanned and abandoned.
  • 20: Attempting to dock the Tradewinds would ensure this is a one-way trip. Wreckage of other vessels beneath the waters surface will tear the bottom right out of the ship. And it seems some rafts and boats are turning about in your direction…

Knowing the trecherous landing was iminent, the party readied rescue boats.

Raining Fire

Chubbs noticed the goblins paddling towards their ship, which gave the party a chance to prepare for battle. Three rafts of goblins with exploding fire arrows engaged the party from a distance.

In the heat of battle, Pip's better nature took hold. Prospects of survival looked dismal as fire engulfed the foredecks. He threw Captain Longear overboard and commandeered the Tradewinds as the rest of the party deployed the rescue boats and engaged the enemy. Pip also fell overboard as he attempted to hold off the goblin marines.

The rest of the party escaped aboard a commandeered raft. The last they saw of Pip, he was in the water, struggling to swim in his chainmail, and ensnared by goblins with a grappling hook embedded in his calf. The Tradewinds was well on it's way to a watery grave to join the other ships at the bottom of Targos' harbor. Captain Longear most likely drowned…

Landing the Raft

Enter Viero Vechenor

As the party's raft approached the shoreline, a lone survivor flagged them down from a pier. Viero and his squire arrived earlier in the day to find the city under attack by goblins who infiltrated the docks district. Viero held out, but his squire passed away from a mortal wound just hours ago. Appreciating the help offered by Viero, the party asked him to join them as they ventured on.

The Warehouse

Viero, Chubbs, Amiri, and Ollie found themselves in a run down dock district. Nearly every building had been dismantled in some way. Perhaps the garrison used the wood to reinforce defenses? The party stumbled across two survivors hiding from the infiltrated goblins. They were pointed towards the dock district's warehouse as the source of the goblin incursion.

Approaching the warehouse, the party opened the doors to scout ahead only to engage goblins occupying the building.

Party Rewards



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