Vydon Vechenor

The crafty second son of Lord Vechenor, Vydon needs to find his elder brother Viero in order to secure their father's inheritance.


Red Draconic Sorceror

Vydon tends to focus on Enchantment and Illusion spells, as he enjoys toying with others’ perceptions. If situations call for a more direct solutions however, he will happily blast his enemies away.


Noble (Background)

Born of a human father and a moon-elf mother, Vydon had a knack for cunning and a strength of will from an early age. Quickly becoming his father’s favorite, Vydon was sent to be raised at their largest estate, being groomed to take over his father’s inheritance. However Vydon, being the younger brother, needed his elder brother Viero to stamp a seal of writ that legally passed their father’s inheritance to him. Having last heard that Viero was sent to aid the besieged town of Targos, Vydon decided to travel there to track his brother down.

Vydon Vechenor

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