Viero Vechenor

A former Lieutenant of Neverwinter's Wintershield watchmen, Viero Vechenor left the rigid and single-minded watchmen in order to protect the light wherever it is threatened.


Paladin of Angharradh (Oath of Ancients)

Viero’s weapon of choice is his rapier, granted to him when he achieved the rank of Lieutenant. It has the symbol of the Wintershield watchmen on its hilt. Viero also wields a shield emblazoned with the holy symbol of Angharradh, the Elven goddess, in his off-hand.


City Watch (Background)

Born of a human father and a moon-elf mother, Viero was raised in the city of Neverwinter. As he came of age, he joined the Wintershield watchmen to protect the citizens of his city. However, he frequently clashed with the rigidity of the law and the watchmen’s strict adherence to their code, even at the expense of those in need. Viero lamented the fact that the watchmen would only protect Neverwinter’s citizens and would not lift a finger to help a non-citizen, even if they were mugged in full view of the watchmen.

Taking an oath to protect all innocents in need, Viero left the watchmen after he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, and answered Lord Neverember’s call to protect the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale.

Viero Vechenor

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