Gilligan "Gilly" Meadminder

Not seen in some time. Gilly is currently missing in action. Gilly is a jovial dwarf fighter enamored with ale and mead.


Fighter (Champion)

Gilly fights with the best of them. He’s a veteran of many battles, most notably, his campaign into Barovia where he discovered Legendary Hops after befriending an orc.

Missing In Action

The last Ollie heard of his uncle, Gilly was searching for legendary hops. He’s currently missing. Who knows, perhaps Gilly will return one day?

Smithy Guild (Guild Artisan, Background)

Gilligan puts his smithing skills to good use as a member of the smithy guild. You’d think his pastime brewing mead and ale would land him a spot in the brewer’s guild, but the brewer’s guild is led by a rival dwarf clan, the Tapmakers.

Family Ties (Bond)

Gilligan’s clan, the Meadminders, is a large one with a proud history. Three sisters and four brothers, he is the great uncle of Olaf “Ollie” Meadminder.

Enamored of Ale (Flaw)

Like all Meadminders, Gilligan might have a bit of a problem with alcohol. He actually suffered from cirrhosis of the liver, but was cured by his travelling companions during the campaign in Barovia.


Gilligan "Gilly" Meadminder

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