Amiri the Wolf

Amiri is a fierce tribal warrior from the north who left behind the lands of her chauvinistic tribe to escape the bonds of tradition. Her oversized bastard sword is a trophy from when she was sent on a suicide mission.


Barbarian (Wolf Totem)

Amiri’s weapon of choice is a dulled and battle-worn greatsword. The greatsword is a trophy of her ill-fated suicide mission to a frost giant camp.

Outlander (Background)

After leaving her tribe, the Six Bears, Amiri lived in the wilds of Icewind Dale. It was an existence of solitude until she found her pack. She literally found herself taken in by a pack of ice wolves, which she stayed with until the Legion of the Chimera invaded her lands.

Raised by Wolves (Bond)

Taken in by a pack of ice wolves, Amiri knows the value of hunting as a pack. Her fierce nature and fighting prowess made her one of the best hunters.

Slow to Trust (Flaw)

A result of the abuse suffered at the hands of her fellow tribe, Amiri doesn’t trust others easily. She seeks to have as few complications in her life. And people complicate things.


When Amiri finally came of age, her reputation had spread beyond the Six Bears. The other tribes took to calling her the “Soft Chieftain” of the Six Bears, a name that humiliated her almost as much as it did her kin, inferring that they were weak for allowing one of their women to grow so independent and strong. None of the other tribes wanted any part of her—her continued presence among the Six Bears caused much strife between once friendly tribes, and so the elders determined that there was but one choice — Amiri had to die. The only problem was the commonly held belief that murder of one’s kin was the greatest taboo and the surest path to Hell.

Amiri the Wolf

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